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Use Phantom tweak to block screenshots and screen recording detcetion on iOS

Use Phantom tweak to block screenshots and screen recording detcetion on iOS

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Phantom is a great jailbreak tweak that makes the SnapChat app even better on iOS devices. It allows you to block screenshots and screen recording detection in iOS apps. Originally released by marioparaschiv, Phantom supports only rootful jailbreaks, but now you can also install it on rootless jailbreak environments.

Download Phantom

Phantom was released as a DEB package for rootful jailbreak running iOS 11 to iOS 15. Recently, an unofficial version dropped bringing support for modern rootless jailbreaks. Version 1.1.1 was updated by Mikasa-san and supports Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks. Both versions are available for download below.

What is Phantom?

Phantom, from Mario Paraschiv, is a jailbreak tweak whose main purpose is to block screenshot and screen recording detection in iOS apps. It can be useful for SnapChat and other applications that detect when users are making a screenshot of an app to start recording the screen.

The tweak is quite simple. It hooks into UIScreen and sets the isCaptured value to “no.” This way, when an app checks the API to see if a screenshot is being taken or a video is being recorded, it will receive a response indicating that nothing like this is happening in the background.

The Phantom tweak doesn’t offer any configuration options. It was released as an open-source project under GPL-3.0 license. The source code is available for download via developers GitHub Repository. Phantom source code was written in Logos programming language. Theos libraries are required to compile.

Mario Paraschiv released Phantom 1.1 in 2022, providing support for iOS 11 to iOS 15, but only for rootful jailbreaks. In 2024, Mikasa-san updated the tweak for rootless support and also released a compiled version, Phantom 1.1.1. You can download both versions as DEB packages for our website.

Alternatively, you can use the SecretShot tweak available for download via ichitaso repository. This version adds a preference pane to the Settings app from where you can enable and disable the tweak on demand.

How to install Phantom on Jailbreak

Phantom is not distributed through a repository. However, you can easily download the tweak for iOS and install it using your favorite package manager like Cydia or Sileo. There are two different versions, v1.1 dedicated for rootful and v1.1.1 compiled for rootless-only jailbreaks.

To install Phantom on iOS, follow the steps:

  1. Download Phantom DEB from the top of this page.
  2. Share the file with your package manager like Sileo.
  3. Install the Phantom package on your device.
  4. Repairing the device to apply all settings.
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