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TrollStore team developer touts ‘100% success rate’ of upcoming install method for iOS 17.0

TrollStore team developer touts ‘100% success rate’ of upcoming install method for iOS 17.0

You may recall that back in mid-June, we reported on what was being touted as an entirely new TrollStore installation method for all devices running iOS & iPadOS 17.0. This method, which has yet to be released, is specifically intended for iOS & iPadOS 17.0, and is not compatible with any other version of iOS & iPadOS 17.x.

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We know so very little about this installation method, in fact, that we don’t even know who’s responsible for it. Fortunately, TrollStore co-developer @alfiecg_dev took to the /r/jailbreak Discord server this past week to answer a few different frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming TrollStore installation method.

TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0.

The first bullet point shares that the TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0 will be published to GitHub when it’s ready for the general public. This implies that the installation method will not only be made public, but also that it could be open-sourced.

The second bullet point discusses who the TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0 belongs to, and this question remains unanswered as of now. From what we can gather, the person responsible for it wishes to remain anonymous. It has been confirmed that the bug does not belong to either Lars Fröder (@opa334dev) or @alfiecg_dev, so it’s actually from somebody else entirely.

The third bullet point goes into when we can expect the TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0 to be released, and at this time, there isn’t any sort of timeframe that we can disclose. In fact, not even @alfiecg_dev or @opa334dev know when it will release. There appear to be undisclosed barriers that prevent an imminent release, but it will come at some point.

Lastly, the final bullet point addresses whether the TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0 works or if it’s still in development, and this is a particularly exciting one. According to @alfiecg_dev, the installation method is already working, and as of right now, it has a 100% success rate and hasn’t failed once. Still, a more user-friendly method of installation is under development, which indicates that this method could be complex in its current form.

While the post mostly dodges the who, when, and what questions that people undoubtedly want to know, there appear to be good reasons that the TrollStore development team doesn’t have concrete answers just yet, and we’d rather not waste your time speculating. We’d rather just wait and witness the release when it’s ready.

In any case, the “100% reliability” aspect is certainly intriguing, as previous TrollStore installation methods that use the Kernel File Descriptor exploit have proven to be somewhat unreliable, often requiring multiple tries to get them working. Personally, I’ve found the reliability of some of these installers a little frustrating, so a reliable installation method would be a breath of fresh air.

On the other hand, few people are still running iOS or iPadOS 17.0, as most people remained on iOS & iPadOS 16.x so that they could jailbreak. There still isn’t a jailbreak, or any signs of one coming any time soon, for arm64e devices running iOS or iPadOS 17.0. Only older checkm8 exploit-vulnerable devices can be jailbroken via palera1n on iPadOS 17.0.

TrollStore is a popular perma-signing utility that lets users install unsigned apps on their iPhone or iPad and use them permanently instead of sideloading and having to re-sign those apps once every seven days. TrollStore in and of itself is not a jailbreak, but it can make installing jailbreak apps easier.

Are you excited about the good news surrounding the upcoming TrollStore installation method for iOS & iPadOS 17.0? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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