Sparkol VideoScribe 3.5.2 allows us to create fast and easy docking animated videos . We will not need advanced knowledge to create projects.

You can create amazing marketing videos, how-to talks, add visuals to your talk, or a story. Focused on video tutorials and conferences with a projector.

Sparkol VideoScribe 3.5.2 – Create animated videos

- Full HD output
- Fast rendering
- Use the outlet (totally or partially) commercially
- No watermarks or mark
- Use your own hands
- Output to QuickTime movie or Flash Video
- Create PNG and JPG image sequences
- All updates and improvements as they come out
- Commercial use of the complete image library
- Commercial use of the complete music library
- Commercial use of the complete font library
- Resell the outlet like yours (as long as you have an active Pro account)

Enhanced functionality:

1) Color palette – wider range
A more diverse range of colors has been made available for your text and image silhouettes.

2) file finder – remembers where you last saved
Version 2.1 remembers the last place a scribe exported to, so you don’t have to specify the location again.

3) Stability and recovery – Re-enter immediately You
can now re-enter immediately if an accident occurs, instead of waiting 5 minutes before returning to your scribe.

4) ‘Move-in’ – images move on axis
The move function now forces images to move along their axis, rather than moving from the center-edge of the canvas.

5) Fonts – optimized for the fastest load
The font import process is now faster and more efficient from memory.



  1. Download Videoscribe from given link below
  2. Install VideoScribe
  3. Copy VideoScribeBin from folder to the installation folder and OVERWRITE the old one. (Normally C:\program files\Sparkol\Sparkol VideoScribe\)
  4. Register account on Sparkol website (new if you’ve already used a trial)
  5. Use credential to signin to VideoScribe
  6. Enjoy