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PokeScape is based on the MMORPG RuneScape, This hack contains a story revolving around evil team HAM, the chaos elemental & Monster VS Monster Championships. Which includes over 900+ custom RuneScape Monsters which replace Pokemon.


  • Play within the world of Gielinor. Which is inspired by all eras of RuneScape.
  • 2 Game Modes, Open World & Story Mode.
  • Over 900+ Custom RuneScape Monsters.
  • Over 100+ Trainers Sprites & 200+ Overworld Sprites
  • Many unique branching evolution lines. Including new evolution methods!
  • Battle Engine, containing all moves & abilities up to Gen 7 of Pokemon.
  • New custom moves & abilities based on RuneScape.
  • New custom items based off RuneScape.
  • Physical/Special/Status split
  • Breeding mechanic, ability breeding two different species together.
  • Custom music for every town and route.
  • Experience a story revolving around evil team HAM, the chaos elemental & Monster VS Monster Championships.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • & Much More.

Known Bugs


  • -Randomly while playing when your monster faints the game soft locks.
  • Some Shiny mons when viewed in the summary screen crash the game.



  • PokeScape currently contains 3-4 Playable Gyms. But it has many other contents to explore along the way which should be a good few hours of Gameplay if not rushing.
  • Open World mode is also still a work in progress, where the only thing that will scale up the trainers & wild mon levels would be obtaining a gym badge.

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