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This game follows exactly the original Pokemon Emerald. You are a young trainer of the Littleroot Town. When finished setting up everything in your house, you go out and meet Professor Birch. You get the first Pokemon for yourself. You want to become a great trainer like your father. So, you start your journey with the Running Shoes from your mom – the Pokeballs and items in your bag. Yo, a whole new world is waiting. There are two evil teams – Team Magma, Team Aqua – who are going to catch the two ancient Pokemon Gods: Groudon and Kyogre. You have to stop them from doing this stupid ambition, or this world will be destroyed.





  • The Wonder Guard ability will replace the normal Abilities of Pokemon.
  • The new Fairy type is along with other Fairy moves.
  • Sylveon can be found with the first In Gam Trade.
  • The movesets of some Pokemon are altered.
  • The difficulty is increased.
  • PokeMarts have different items.
  • You can buy Event Tickets at the Indigo Plateau.
  • Day/Night System.
  • Some Pokemon’s type are altered also.





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