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Pokemon Vherestorm Version gba play online

Pokemon Vherestorm Version gba play online

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Every Pokemon games on the GBA or NDS system have the same thing: the storyline. Yeah, many of them come from an original game. And so does Pokemon Vherestorm. I am sure that the storyline of Pokemon Emerald is so familiar to us. At the Hoenn Region – a new paradise of Pokemon, there is a new boy who just moved to this place with his mother. His father is a well-known gym leader here, so he has been living here for a long time and even before his wife-his son. After preparing everything for the new house, the boy goes out and meets a man who is being attacked by a wild Pokemon. Right before his eyes are three different Pokeballs, he chooses one and helps that man. That man is his new neighbor and also a Pokemon Professor. This is a fateful meeting for these two people. From this day, a whole new Pokemon adventure is waiting ahead.



  • New starters.
  • Great plot.





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