Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex gba play online

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This hack is based on pokemon vega  with the addition of Fairy Type and some Pokemon from Pokemon Deneb


  • Added some Pokémon from Deneb and Procyon.
  • Demini line added
  • Pukuhamu line added now named yuyumuff and yuyudamé
  • Puribonbon switza’s evo was added
  • Almost all pokemon have new sprites from Deneb and Procyon
  • Touched up a lot of old sprites
  • Sparklad (Meran glachilds opposite) line added
  • Fairy type and new Fairy moves from Procyon and Deneb.
  • Balance changes to make sure fairy isn’t too OP
  • New snow tiles.
  • No need for the national dex to evolve certain Pokemon
  • Battle backgrounds from Procyon and Deneb with edits to match snow tiles.



Minor Changes

  • Cheshile and Cheshess are Dark/Fairy.
  • Sylveon was added. (Eevee was not added)
  • Sealkie and Selody are Water/Fairy.
  • Aldina and Almaria are Ghost/Fairy
  • Leader Annette (ALONG WITH HER GYM) was replaced by a Fairy-Type Gym Leader named Gwendolyn.
  • The fairy girl trainer class was added all over Tohoak region in some areas
  • English names for some Pokemon

Changelog v1.4

  • Final bug fix and balance update Skarmory evo has been added……




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