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Pokemon Top Secret gba play online

Pokemon Top Secret gba play online

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Background Pokemon Top Secret gba play online


“Every legend has a beginning and an end. Legends of Darkness have been at it for years and they still are.”

You are 16 years old and live in the Orre region. Today, your family move to the X region because your Dad is working in this region. He is an engineer and now he is going to work with Professor Thibault in Legendlight. Do you wonder what is Legendlight? That is a group of good people including professors, polices, engineers, trainers that are trying to stop the Mafia Team Legends of Darkness. More information about Legends of Darkness will be revealed in the game.



The new house is located in Mist Town and you receive your first Pokemon from Professor Thibault. He owns 3 Pokemon and you can choose one. He thinks you have potentials and hopes you will be a good and strong Pokemon Trainer. You start to go around the X region to meet a lot of good guys and also train your Pokemon. You must build your Pokemon Team and one day, you can help Legendlight to complete their mission.





  • New Game Plot
  • Brand New Region
  • More Pokemon in this game
  • New Characters
  • New Rivals
  • Super Mafia Team
  • New Graphics





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