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It was just another ordinary day when you left your house to meet Professor Oak and pick up your first Pokemon before embarking on your own Pokemon adventure. You had no idea it was anything but a “normal” day! You discover that Team Rocket has infiltrated your town and is attempting to steal the Professor’s Pokemon. And you happen to run into one of the grunts, he uses his Drowzee to teleport you to a random island. He doesn’t care what happens to you after that!



And this is where the game’s main plot begins. You’ve landed on the beach of an unnamed, uninhabited island, and your mission is to get back home!

Surf your way through the cluster of islands you find around you to gradually uncover the islands’ dark secrets. Collect information from various sources and piece it together to reveal the dark, gruesome mysteries that remained hidden within the islands, which the rest of the world was unaware of! Some of the unsolved mysteries can be theorized, while others can be solved using clues scattered around the island.

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