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Pokemon Smogon Emerald gba play online

Pokemon Smogon Emerald gba play online

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Background Pokemon Smogon Emerald gba play online


It has the same story as emerald but with various newly added features.


  • Levels scale with badge count
  • Every trainer has a [Gen 3] OU sample team. The teams will get progressively harder once you earn 5 badges.
  • Wild Pokemon are determined by Smogon usage. The more badges you get, the more used the Pokemon have a chance to be
  • Wild Pokemon have moves and held items randomly determined by usage. The more badges you get, the better their movesets and held items become
  • Smogon learner in the Start menu allows you to teach Pokemon moves for a price. It starts at 2000 and increases by 1000 for every badge obtained (you start with 75000)
  • All marts that sell Poke or Great Balls now sell Ultra Balls
  • Soft exp-level caps are implemented. It starts at 10 for 0 badges and increases by 5 for each badge obtained. Once you reach a soft exp level cap, your exp is decreased with each level you gain from there on out
  • Proper Hidden Power, Return, and Frustration implementation
  • Switch between EV/IV showing in the summary screen with L/R
  • Choose what team to battle by talking to the fat guy in Littleroot Town (experience isn’t earned)




  • It’s crashed in the wild once. I think I might have made the function that accesses the wild Pokemon go over the array length. Will debug with GDB when I get a chance
  • Attempting to teach a Pokemon a move they already know will still deduct money. I kind of like this feature, but I’ll remove it in a future update
  • The fat man can’t be backed out of and battles you anyway. Just deal with it for now



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