Pokemon Smeraldo Hardcore Nuzlocke gba play online

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I’ve always been a fan of challenges in Pokémon games, not so much Nuzlocke, but challenges as challenges to not take damage. Despite not being a big fan of Nuzlocke I decided to create a hack for anyone who wants to try to make one, making the game more difficult than it normally is. The story doesn’t change, it’s classic Pokémon Emerald.




  • Increased the difficulty of the game by increasing the levels and CPU of all opposing teams, which have more or less good teams;
  • All opponents have teams of 6 Pokémon, except the first battle against the rival, (I realized that a 1 vs 6 is too much) they will challenge you in double battles, and when I say ALL, I mean ALL.
  • Some Pokémon received stat changes to make them more usable. An example is Togetic which, in this rom, has the statistics of its Togekiss evolution;
  • Pokémon that normally have evolutions that are very difficult, or impossible to obtain, have received simplifications. Like Eevee which evolves into Espeon or Umbreon based on personality. Feebass, which is now easier to find, evolves by level, just like Kingdra, Gengar, and others;
  • To balance the difficulty of the challenge, some Pokémon evolve at different levels than usual;
  • Some Pokémon can learn new moves;
  • The power and accuracy of some moves have been changed;
  • To add variety to the challenge, it is now possible to encounter more wild Pokémon than usual;
  • Unable to get EVS;
  • Created a new document that will be constantly updated in which the teams of the various coaches and coaches are present.



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