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Pokemon Ruby Merodia gba play online

Pokemon Ruby Merodia gba play online

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You just moved to a remote, peaceful, and happy place called Olivia, where it was designed to live a quiet life. What you do not know is bad for him. To make you sleep sleepy and have the strength of it there, it can possibly dream that it needs every creature on earth to complete the plan for the navy. Pride increases with Oria, and soon it will be filled with hatred and evil. Of course, Darkrai did not expect Cresselia to interfere with its purpose. Cresslia will help you awaken your night, and with other acquaintances who are accustomed to this time, they will see Darkrai cancel her plan. Being deceived by Darkrai, making them sleepy during their journey… life is thinking. It looks like everything is back to normal, so all will be happy again, but.. is it true?


  • All the Pokemon have been replaced with the Fakemon
  • 3 different starters with their 2nd evolution form
  • Changed the Pokemon attack Professor Byrch





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