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Pokemon Parallel Emerald is a QOL and difficulty hack of Pokémon Emerald made using the pokeemerald decompilation. The core goal behind the hack was to create a new and unique Pokémon Emerald experience by expanding/altering existing maps, introducing new gym leaders, maps, and all new encounters/trainer teams.


Quality Of Life

  • check IVs and EVs from party menu
  • flying from the menu right after tutorial
  • BW2 repel system
  • more bag pockets and bag sorting
  • register multiple items
  • Nature Changer and Move Reminder in every Pokémon Center
  • toggle-able Auto Run Feature
  • cheaper healing items
  • rare candies available to buy after receiving the Pokédex
  • nickname your Pokémon from party menu
  • reusable TMs which there are 100 of
  • no need to learn HMs moves; you can also forget them like any other move
  • berry yields increased and growth time reduced
  • Pokédex that shows Base Stats/Learnsets
  • no more trade evolutions
  • Sandbox mode (optional):
  • heal party from anywhere for free
  • access pc from anywhere
  • max money
  • free move reminder
  • damage calculator available (see below for link)
  • and much more!


  • Generation 8 Battle Engine (Physical/Special Split, Fairy type, all new abilities/moves/items/learnsets included)
  • Vastly improved AI
  • Two difficulties (changeable at any time):
    • Hard (Default): Disables bag use in trainer battles and forces “Set” battle style. Trainers have more Pokémon, perfect IVs, EV investment (within reason!) and better held items.
    • Normal: Enables bag use in trainer battles and let’s the player choose battle style. Trainers will have less Pokémon, 15 IVs, no EV investment and less powerful held items.
  • Dynamic Level Scaling of Trainers and Wild Pokémon
  • Level Caps for every Gym Leader
  • Changes to weaker Pokémon to make them more fun to use
  • Move tutors all over Hoenn
  • Mega Evolution
  • 1-2 more difficult boss trainers on every route
  • Detailed documentation on all changes, where to find what item or Pokémon as well as trainer teams
  • and much more!

Please note: All difficulties are balanced around NOT looking up trainer documentation and NOT using a damage calculator.



Changelog v0.2.5 -> v1.0

  • Main Game Completed
    • Completely redesigned Pokémon League
    • All remaining locations (routes, dungeons, cities) are redesigned with completely overhauled encounters, trainers and items
    • Three remaining badges
    • Conclusion of Team Aqua and Team Magma story
    • New Location: Crestwood Town between Mauville City and Fortree City with three trials and minigames
    • Boss trainers, optional areas/battles and more
    • 200+ tutor moves
  • Major AI improvements
    • Post-KO switch-ins and pivoting counter your active Pokémon whenever possible
    • AI knows when it can safely use setup or healing moves
  • Reworked game intro
  • Completely overhauled documentation
  • press the R Button while selecting a move to see its full description
  • Quick Run from wild Pokémon option
  • Moves are colored according to their effectiveness on Normal difficulty (except for Pokémon with Illusion or Inverted Scales)
  • New Sandbox mode available
    • heal party from anywhere
    • access pc from anywhere
    • give yourself max money
    • move reminder is free
  • Day/Night times changed
    • Day is from 4am to 8pm
    • Night is from 8pm to 4am
  • Rare candies now available after getting the Pokédex
  • Game version and difficulty now shows on save screen
  • Added pret&RHH expansion intro
  • Increased maximum money to $9,999,999
  • More Pokémon changes/buffs → see documentation
  • More balance changes → see documentation
  • Starter Choice is now completely random for each save file (instead of random but fixed pool of starter Pokémon)
  • nature changing is now instant and does not require a battle to take effect
  • Made early game trainer levels non-dynamic to smoothen difficulty curve
  • Made challenge for Gym 4 more forgiving so mobile players don’t destroy their phone
  • Items received by Pick Up are far more useful
  • Player no longer has to walk over the footbridge if locked out of Slateport City – Mr Briney is there instead
  • Bug fixes
    • countless battle engine fixes
    • countless visual and dialog fixes
    • countless misc fixes


What are the level caps?

  • Badge 1: Lv. 16
  • Badge 2: Lv. 24
  • Badge 3: Lv. 36
  • Badge 4: Lv. 47
  • Badge 5: Lv. 50


If you lose the 3 vs. 3 battle against Norman in the Pokémon League you will permanently lose the other three Pokémon that didn’t participate in battle.

Workaround: Load your last save file if you lose the battle and don’t save after losing the Pokémon.


Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA
Pokemon Parallel Emerald gba play online 3


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