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And so does our Bowser, he has stolen this item and became invincible as he expected. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are invited to a party of Princess Peach. In the middle of that party, Bowser has lifted the castle of Princess Peach into the sky and fought Mario. He lost the fight because the power of Bowser is too much for him. He fell off from the sky to somewhere in the forest. A Goomba girl found him and brought him to a Goomba village. In his unconscious state, Mario gets a vision from the Seven Star Spirits. They tell him that he must go to the Star Summit to get the power and defeat Bowser. After waking up, Mario immediately head towards the Star Summit.




  • Gym leaders, Elite Four, Pokemon, Badges will not appear in this game.
  • Players can choose Mario or Luigi to start as.
  • There are 8 chapters in this game, a long storyline it is.
  • New characters, new side quests, new areas, new bosses, new soundtracks.
  • There are more enemies and rivals, also with partners.



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