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Pokemon Orange Sun gba play online

Pokemon Orange Sun gba play online

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Background Pokemon Orange Sun gba play online


From the days in his youth, he became a well-respected and well-known trainer all over the world. His skills became a legend. There is a promise between you and him: you can have your first Pokemon when he wins the battles. You are so excited and waiting for that. Unfortunately, your dad is on his way to heaven because of an incurable disease. Before dying, he entrusted you a Pokemon with his last words. And then… he was gone. You promised him that you would become a great trainer like him, one day.





  • There will be Day/Night system in this game. Be sure to check your real time clock.
  • A new region for exploring. Yup, if there is nothing new, especially a region… how can we have fun?
  • Three new starter for selecting.
  • There will be no trade evolutions. Those Pokemon which were traded will evolve normally.
  • New sprites, new overworlds, new scripts.
  • The names of all Pokemon are decapitalized. They are also obtainable.
  • Yoohoo, Darkrai is here. You can catch it.
  • There are many fusions between Pokemon.
  • The difficulty was increased higher.
  • The Elite Four is different now. They have different stronger Pokemon.





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