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Pokemon IRONéMON Red Kaizo Edition gba play online

Pokemon IRONéMON Red Kaizo Edition gba play online

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Background Pokemon IRONéMON Red Kaizo Edition gba play online


This is a Pokemon Ironmon ROM hack with the rules already implemented into the game’s code! No need for self-imposement like you normally did in nuzlockes.




  • Your adventure comes to an end when your pokemon passes out. You return to your mother, ready to begin your journey all over again!
    • Despite the fact that your journey may have resumed. Your attempts and playtime are both recorded. Everything is re-randomized with each retry!
  • The party can only have one pokemon. When you capture a new Pokemon, it automatically switches!
    • There is no way to use the pc at all. Only catching a pokemon allows you to pivot.
  • No more free heals, no more free treatment! Pokemon Centers now cost cash to heal.
    • There will be no more free heals or treatments! Pokemon Centers now charge money to heal.
  • Everything is a randomized! Wild Encounters, Trainer’s Party, Evolutions, Learnable TM/HMs, Stat Spread, Abilities, and more…
    • Evolutions will always choose a pokemon of a similar type with higher overall stats. Special trainers will have their own parties from which they will select Pokemon at random. The original BST is retained in stat spreads.
  • Each area only allows you to catch one Pokemon. An area is a location in the game where you have met other players. This can include paths and caves.
    • Pokemon scale to the level of the party’s current pokemon. Repels are always effective.
  • No need for HM slaves, you can use the HM once you have the badge.
    • Hehe, but only HMs required to complete the game. Fly and Flash aren’t included…some caves are automatically lit.
  • Strong Pokemon will disobey you and obey when they feel like it.
  • Experience points are no longer awarded for wild encounters. Now you only get exp from battling trainers!
    • VS seeker also no longer works, therefore you can only fight trainers once!




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