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Pokemon GOFSP gba play online

Pokemon GOFSP gba play online

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Background Pokemon GOFSP gba play online

Description (By the Author)

Basically, this hack is a tribute to a pokémon story that we created between 2020-2022, I (NKC) did the graphics (custom sprites for pokemon) while he took care of the technical part (move sets and programming in general) also had another involved that was Pedro, he who tested the hack during development In addition to having helped with the programming.




  • A dex of 194 pokemon from gens 1-8, including fusions, references or alternate forms.
  • New attacks and some attacks from the new generations. Old attacks had base power and accuracy updated to gen 7 values.
  • Updated mechanics (fairy type, special physic split, reusable tms)
  • No evolution by trade, only lv or stone
  • Buffs on some pokemon that were weaker

Known Bugs

  • A visual bug in the blue part that is at the bottom when you open the menu.
  • Using tms on Pokemon that only know 3 moves or less will make them disappear.
  • The Pokemons of NPC Braxton behave as if they were from the safari zone.





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