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Yup, the storyline is good enough to entertain several Pokemon fans. You, our protagonist… are a ten years old trainer boy. You are living with your mom and brother in the quiet and peaceful Sunray Town. Usually, this town is filled with sunlight and it’s warming so everybody can work and live happily. But that time won’t last long. These recent days, the whole region – including Sunray Town – is being covered in snow and ice. People get cold every day. They have never seen such a cold like this. When seeing this, you cannot just stand there and endure the cold… so you go to meet Professor Kirk. He is the brother of Professor Birch and his Pokemon knowledge is also great as his brother. Kirk tells you that the legendary Regice is using its special power and he doesn’t know why is it doing this. You immediately prepare everything and go to find the reason for many answers. On your way, you will confront several opponents – get items – interact with people – defeat all the gym leaders to get their badges, and finally the title Pokemon Champion. Finally, you will know that Team Glacier is behind all of these things. What are you waiting for? Come and get them!



  • An old but interesting storyline.
  • New graphics.





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