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Pokemon Flare Red gba play online

Pokemon Flare Red gba play online

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Pokemon Flare Red’s main theme starts with a sentence: “Power, Justice or Fame. Which path is worth taking?” In this game, you will take the role of a young trainer who wants to become a Pokemon master. Through time, you will grow up and meet new people – some of them will become your rivals or even friends. You will be rolled into the vortex of Power – Justice – Fame when there are some evil organizations fight against each other. Think you can handle all of them and follow your own ideal world?





  • The douchebaggery of Green is increased to a higher level. Maybe some of us don’t like Green too much because he is an arrogant person.
  • The “Moral Compass” function is a new and interesting one in this game. This will affect your gameplay based on your in-game decicions. At the end of the game, your Moral Compass will decide one of the three factions hold influence in Kanto.
  • Much more rivals for battling and challenging.
  • Some places in the maps are changed. Better or worse, you decide.
  • If the happiness between you and your Pokemon is high enough, they will obey you.
  • Many trainers will now have their own customized Evs – Natures – Ivs.
  • You cannot use Items in battles anymore. Berries instead.
  • New Fairy Type.
  • Physic/Special Split.
  • When capturing a Pokemon, you will also get EXP.
  • The Repel System of Pokemon Black/White.
  • The trainer sprites are customized.
  • The Pokemon sprites are from DS style.
  • The IV is now displayed.
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl style fonts.





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