Pokemon FireGold gba play online

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  • Replaces Sevii Islands with Johto, along with the Gold/Silver storyline.
  • Receive a new starter Pokémon and build a new team.
  • Increased level curve in Johto allows for teams to be interchangeable by Ecruteak.
  • Re-battle Gym Leaders.
  • Vs. Seeker implemented for Kanto and Johto.
  • All Pokémon from generations 1 and 2 are obtainable without trade.
  • P/S split, fairy-type, abilities and attacks up to generation 8. Some Pokémon have new abilities or those of their megas.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • Designed to take you to level 100.
  • Breeding accessible immediately after first league victory.
  • National Dex unlocked with no Pokédex requirement after first league victory.
  • Increased difficulty; most trainers have teams of 6, items unusable in battle.
  • Leaders may use a different team on rematch. Gold will use one of twenty random teams each battle.





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