Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness gba play online

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It’s pretty much the same as Pokemon Emerald, but…. all Pokemon are level 100 now! It also has a bunch of other changes.


Basic changes

  • All Pokémon – wild and trainers – are level 100
  • Level-up, Happiness, and Trade evos are now made by Rare Candies (now called Common Candies)
  • Evolutions made by holding an item when trading or leveling now just use the item
  • New item introduced to evolve pokemon into their Gen 4 evolutions
  • All evolution items can now be purchased at pokemarts
  • Everstones can also be bought at pokemarts, which don’t evolve mons
  • Move Tutor in each Pokecenter
  • Heart Scales purchased from pokemarts
  • All Gym Leaders/Elite 4 Members receive changed teams and moves. (Note that this applies to the rematch.)
  • Some slightly changed maps, usually to allow new encounters in places that didn’t have any in vanilla-
  • Some vanilla encounter tables changed
  • Old Rod and Super Rod locations have been swapped
  • Physics/Special Split implemented
  • TMs are infinitely usable
  • An additional superboss has been added in Steven’s Cave against his true
  • I royally messed up the bag sprites and can’t fix them without breaking everything



Map Changes

  • Entering a Regi’s chamber takes the player directly into it instead of the previous puzzle room
  • Safari Zone is now explorable with normal pokémon mechanics
  • Added grass to all towns and cities in the game except Littleroot, Dewford, Fallarbor, and Pacifidlog
  • Added grass in the Battle Frontier that exclusively has Sudowoodo as I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the event level
  • Removed part of the ledge blocking access to Meteor Falls from Rustboro City
  • Removed the darkness in Victory Road
  • Opened a berry shop on Route 123- Opened a TM shop in Game Corner that uses normal money
  • Added special locations on Route 103, Route 109, Route 125, and Route 133



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