Pokemon Emerald Lanbing Final Chapter gba play online

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You are Lanbing, a child of the most powerful Gym Leader in a region. You just moved into this region with your family. As usual, your father is on his way to the Gym and only your mother stays with you. Everything is new, everything is strange with a 12 years old boy. After setting up your house a little bit, you will get out and meet your neighbor. On the way to a Route, you meet a Pokemon Professor which is being attacked by a wild Pokemon. From this moment, you choose your Pokemon and battle against that wild one. After winning, you return to the lab of this Professor. Suddenly, he is your neighbor’s husband. You officially start your Pokemon journey. Anything is waiting ahead, don’t miss them!



  • The layout of the map has been changed completely.
  • Many rare Pokemon are added.


Pokemon Emerald Lanbing Final Chapter
Pokemon Emerald Lanbing Final Chapter gba play online 3


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