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Pokemon Cryptic Lynch gba play online

Pokemon Cryptic Lynch gba play online

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Background Pokemon Cryptic Lynch gba play online

Pokemon Cryptic Lynch is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by bluedeedrocks based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on April 7, 2018.


In the Little Region, there is a small town named… Small Town (small and little, huh). All the people who are living here are filled with over-enthusiasm. Behind that enthusiasm, they are hiding their own secrets that they do not want anyone else to know about. Those secrets stay calm in the dark. From the day you were born, there were so many strange and unusual things around. And now, when you are grown up enough to realize everything… those things continue to happen. One day, when you are staying at your home and playing something… a mysterious gift has been sent to you. You do not know who send it or where does it come from because nothing is written on its surface. From the moment you open up that box, everything goes awry. Suddenly, you get an unexpected attack from your mother… you do not know why. And later, you are sent to a whole new place where is filled with evil souls everywhere. Here lie no gym leaders, no Pokemon League… only the clues you need to explore and search to find the way back.



  • A new and little bit creepy storyline.
  • New tiles and sprites.



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