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Pokemon Classic is a remake of Pokemon Yellow but built in the Pokemon Emerald engine. Revisit Kanto with your Pokemon partner and experience improved features, new questlines, and more post game content.

PokeClassic seeks to recapture the nostalgia of the Gen 1 experience but with more of the features you’d expect from modern Pokemon games.



New Features

  • Journey with your Partner Pokemon right behind you!
  • Explore Kanto in style with multiple outfits
  • Physical / Special Split and Fairy Type
  • Find more Pokemon, and hidden abilities, with the PokeNav!
  • Battle Engine upgrades
  • Skip trade evolution with Power Stones
  • Train your Pokemon at the Dojo
  • Day / Night system & changing encounter Tables
  • Infinite TMs
  • Customize your room with PokeDolls
  • and more!

New Post Game Content

  • Rematch the Gym Leaders
  • Hunt down Rocket Fugitives with daily quests from Looker!
  • Challenge the Battle Tower!
  • What are these strange stones that Bill has discovered?
  • And other daily events!



Changelog v1.2

Major Changes

  • Fixes Fly flag setting
  • Fixes Silph Rocket flags setting prematurely
  • Player can no longer Surf or Fish on cycling road
  • HMs should be tied to proper badge requirements now
  • Cycling Road grass can now generate encounters
  • Prof. Oak’s Aide (Cedar) will now properly progress their gift questline
  • Safari Zone warps now send the player to the correct zones
  • Pokeblock spaces now have collision
  • Lavendar Town warps corrected
  • Bill’s postgame quest now begins properly
  • Moltres’ cave can now be entered
  • Legendaries now clear after being encountered
  • Seafoam Island boulders now properly set (fixes softlock)
  • Seafoam Island currents adjusted (fixes potential softlock)
  • Karate Master has been removed from the Dojo
  • Silph Co elevators completely reworked

Minor Changes

  • Rival items updated
  • Adjusted Berry dialogue
  • Removed more references to the “Wailmer Pail”
  • Rival route 22 battle should no longer auto-start
  • Rocket Hideout barrier should remove if you clear dungeon without beating Rocket Grunt 12
  • Screen fade should work properly after battling Rooftop Rocket
  • Screen fade should work properly after battling Cerulean Rocket
  • Nugget Bridge cutscene triggers should disable after both choices now
  • Various signs corrected
  • Various metatile text corrected
  • Various dialogue issues (typos, message length, ‘garbled’ text) fixed
  • Lapras NPC will disappear after gift, no longer overlapping a Rocket in postgame
  • Various NPC movement types adjusted
  • Fixed Play Nice’s description
  • Egg hatch fonts corrected
  • Retiring from the Battle Tower should no longer get stuck in a trigger loop

Save Data from 1.2 and earlier should be compatible with these changes. However, due to the extent of some changes, I cannot guarantee all fixes will correct issues (or not cause issues) for currently active playthroughs.



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