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Pokemon Celestial Version gba play online

Pokemon Celestial Version gba play online

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  • Upgraded Battle Engine:
    All the battle mechanics have been updated to the standards of Generation VIII, which includes the Physical/Special/Status split, Fairy type and the new type chart, new abilities and attacks (like the Burn Up [move] and Corrosion [ability]) and items.
  • Graphical updates:
    A lot of the standard graphics have gone a revamp, including updated Pokémon sprites, updated tiles and tilesets (along with custom overworld graphics), new and updated Trainer sprites, Dynamic Overworld Palette’s with new Overworld Sprites, a Dynamic Day and Night system and small aesthetic changes.
  • Catch ’em all:
    Catch all your favourite Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar in the Triton region!
  • Newer Generation features:
    Celestial features almost every new addition in the Pokémon games past the GameBoy Advance, including the re-use repel prompt, battle terrain, inverse/sky battles, Totem Pokémon, auto-run and others!
  • Custom songs:
    Have fun listening to updated songs and sounds, and enjoy new music with some familiar and some entirely different OST’s!
  • Other features:
    Expanded Pokémon Storage System Boxes (up to twenty-five!), vastly improved AI system with decision-making skills for all new battle effects, over 100 TM’s, updated pickup mechanics and an updated day-care system, ton’s of new berries and much more!
  • Small and noticeable features:
    • Poison survival at 01 HP
    • Eggs hatch at Level 01
    • Item image and description on obtain
    • Player faces trainers before battle
    • Players can run indoors
    • Gain experience points for capturing Pokémon
    • Directly move items on Pokémon party screen
    • & Much More!



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