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Pokemon Battle Labyrinth gba play online

Pokemon Battle Labyrinth gba play online

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Background Pokemon Battle Labyrinth gba play online


You’ve been invited to participate in an experiment run by Dr. Colress of the Unova region. He has created a specialized simulation for only the strongest of trainers, called the Pokemon Battle Labyrinth! Fight your way through a gauntlet of challenge rooms, manage your resources, and build a team of Pokemon generations 1-7 in this unique, arcade-esque ROM hack.



  • Emulate an RPG dungeon crawling style
  • All Pokemon from generation 1-7 are available for capture, including Alolan forms
  • Pokemon have been rebalanced or changed in some way, through their base stats, abilities, movepools, or typing
  • Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine, which comes with the generation 7 battle engine, as well as functional Mega Evolution
  • An optional Nuzlocke mode, completely implemented with Dupes Clause, Species Clause, and Shiny ClauseAn emphasis on challenging gameplay and resource management over story
  • Expect tricky puzzles, challenging bosses, and great rewardsSoft level caps intended to emphasize strategy over grinding
  • Nature colored stats
  • Reusable TMs
  • HMs are replaced by key items




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