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Essentially, the plot of this game is based on the basic and traditional plot of the entire Pokemon series on the Game Boy Advance system. You are a resident of the city of Tranquilvalle in the Fento Region. You admire many well-known Pokemon trainers from around the world. You, too, aspire to be like them one day. Well, there are a lot of things to do before becoming a real trainer.



Then, one day, you get some surprising news: the Pokemon Expert named Stuart is going to give away some of his Pokemon to the first ones to arrive! Of course, you are the one who obtains his Pokemon. You’re about to train and pack everything for a new trip after receiving the dreaming Pokemon. But life isn’t so simple anymore; things are becoming more complicated.

A new criminal organization known as Star Team is aware of this and intends to hire you as one of their young minions. In other words, they’re looking for you. So, what are you going to do? Will you bravely stand up to them and fight them, or will you become their pawn? It is entirely up to you. On your journey, you will meet many new friends, capture new Pokemon, complete new quests to obtain the necessary items, and so on. You must become the Pokemon Champion so that no one can speak ill of you.





  • New starters.
  • Run inside buildings.
  • New wild Pokemon.
  • The difficulty is higher.
  • New script.
  • A big and new region with many unexpected things is waiting.
  • Day/Night system.
  • New ways to evolve.
  • Many new maps for areas.
  • New titles.
  • New moves.
  • New overworlds.
  • New and customized sprites.
  • Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region and Unova Region.



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