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You are a boy/girl returning to your hometown’s small town of Platform City. I returned because I had received a message from Professor Oak containing the SS ocean entries. Gary was simply waiting for the contenders when they arrived. Because, as I previously stated, Professor Oak is waiting for you. After a while, after the Battle of the Oak Institute says what is going on in the region, Zotoxu Zotoxu to SS Zotoxu had entries. Uncle Nacho claims to be waiting. In addition, the most recent version of PokéNav received another message from a Pokémon researcher named Ako who is investigating natural disasters in Zotoxu. You must now go to the Uncle Nacho Llovizburg protest and the Ako Route 0.01 degrees. After some time, he arrived at the port of Llovizburg and went to his uncle Nacho’s house, but the team has Tranza as an object of attack! Why are you the target of an attack?…




  • New big region: Zotoxu, new music, new characters who are involved in your journey.
  • Meet old and new friends, also rivals and enemies around you.
  • New graphics with tilesets.
  • Day/Night system.
  • Some new cries for Pokemon from the anime series.
  • Many Pokemon from different generations.



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