Pokemon Ash H2K Battle Frontier Version gba play online

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It is a firered hack where you play as Ash Ketchum in the Hoenn region. No HMs needed and it features new sprites.


  • Play as Ash Ketchum in Kanto (season 9).
  • Get the Battle Frontier symbol.
  • No need for HMs.
  • Map of Kanto.
  • Have the opportunity to catch all the Pokemon that Ash catches.
  • Follows the same event as the Anime Series (For the most part)
  • Both male and female characters are available (for male Ash) (for female Julet)




Do not use any cheat codes in this game otherwise, the game will crash. If you really really need to use cheat codes, then ONLY use the Rare Candy & Master Ball cheat codes. If you use any other cheat cod, there’s a 95% chance that the game will be bugged or crash.

Known Bugs

  •  Some storylines get repeated again and again
  • Spelling & grammar mistakes here and there



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