Steps to follow to be a Makeup Artist


Dec 4, 2022
“Make-up” is the obsession of many girls, and the search for the latest trends and keeping up with fashion to obtain looks that mimic stars and celebrities is no longer a secret as before in light of the spread of social media, and methods and learning of makeup have become available, and the profession of “make-up artist” has spread recently, which It has become very popular among girls and they want to learn it. In order to be a "make-up artist", here are some steps that you must follow according to the advice of "make-up artist" May Al-Shawatfi:

1. She must have an artistic sense and a talent for drawing, and take training courses.

2. Studying the science of colors and coordinating them with each other, knowing the materials and following up on everything new regarding make-up and international cosmetic arts on the Internet.

3. Knowing the types of skin and how to deal with each type, and the effect of makeup on it and its damages.

4. Use the original makeup and move away completely from imitation, and start with makeup that is suitable for every skin (pink for light skin, and beige for wheat), and test the appropriate degree of “foundation” on the face and not on the hand as is rumored.

5. The makeup artist has a friendly, calm and persuasive personality. To deal with the bride's disorder in the event of processing.

6. On the day of her preparation for the bride, it is unacceptable that the “make-up artist” be late for the bride, and new brushes and sponges must be used, and brushes should not be used from one bride’s face to another so as not to transfer bacteria.

7. Know how to fix skin imperfections, and use the main makeup tools (i.e. earthy color shadows, mascara, eyeliner, powder and all shades of lipstick, and makeup fixatives).

8. Use a powder to set makeup for those with oily skin. To prevent skin shimmer, put blush on the top of the cheeks, and never get close to the nose.

9. When using the “highlighter”, it is placed in the middle of the nasal bones and below the eyebrows. For the “eyeshadow”, the transitional colors are placed first from the lightest to the darkest gradually, and not vice versa. Beige for the eye in case of narrowing.

10. When using eyelashes, they must be appropriate: (light if the makeup is light and vice versa), and there are new magnetic eyelashes that stick without stickiness.

11. During the preparation of the bride in the winter in particular, the girl needs special care for her skin, and it is necessary to use skin exfoliators, wash it with toner or rose water before going to sleep, and moisturize it with a suitable moisturizer on the night of preparing the bride's makeup.

12. Warn girls against using foundation daily before the event or wedding, especially those with oily skin, and advise them to use earthy, cashmere and beige colors in winter.