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App Store compatible apps with Satella

App Store compatible apps with Satella

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Satella is a simple tweak that unlocks premium features in App Store apps. It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. However, it is only compatible with in-app purchases implemented by iOS apps without any additional layer of protection. Having this in mind you can try to unlock premium features in apps or disable ads.

Using tweaks like Satella is illegal. However, the App Store doesn’t let you test apps before buying them. Many apps claim to be free but don’t offer any real features without making a purchase. This way, you can at least try the apps before subscribing or unlocking the features. For non-jailbroken devices, use Satella Jailed.

Below is a short list of compatible apps with the Satella tweaks. Of course, those are not all apps but just a small selection. Apps can be installed directly from the App Store. For jailbroken devices, you can install the tweak from the official repository and inject it through the Settings app in every installed app on your device.

However, for non-jailbroken devices, download a decrypted IPA of the app you are interested in and inject the Satella Jailed package for sideloading. I created an article on how to inject dylib into IPA, but if it’s still too complicated, there is a list of compiled apps ready to download containing the Satella Jailed package on GitHub.

Apps compatible with Satella tweak:

  1. Apollo Pro
  2. Adobe Scan Premium
  3. Addons Pro
  4. AI Enlarger Pro
  5. Home Workout Premium
  6. IPTV Pro
  7. Lightroom Premium
  8. Inkhunter Premium
  9. Musi
  10. Notability
  11. Tabata Timer Premium
  12. Fasting Premium
  13. Earthquake Pro
  14. PicCollage VIP
  15. RingtoneMaker
  16. TikWipe
  17. TorBrowserPlusPlus

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