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AeroGauge (USA)

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AeroGauge is a cyber racing game in the vein of the Wipeout and F-Zero series as well as Extreme-G, the only major difference being racing in aircraft; the racers fly in futuristic Aero Machines on tracks consisting of banked turns, bridges, hills, spiraling tunnels, and alternate routes.[4][5][6][7][8] There are four modes (a four-race grand prix, a single match, a time trial, and a two-player vs. mode) that can be played from a choice from six tracks, four of which are already unlocked and have varying levels of difficulty (the beginner Dug Rug, an ocean-themed level, the neon-colored China-themed Chinoispolis, and the metropolis Earth Cream Circuit for experts).[5] All of them are playable at three different difficulty settings, which only determines the speed of the vehicles.[7] In grand prix and single match, the player races with seven computer opponents.[9][10]

AeroGauge features ten Aero Machines, five of which are available from the start.[6] Each of the vehicles is rated based on speed (maximum air speed), steering (turning capability), accele (acceleration), aero limit (speed needed to get airborne), shield (endurance), and stability (gripping power).[citation needed] The white, old-school Mitia is the weakest car, Fusaha has the quickest descending and floating, Zero has the greatest handling, the orange Gazpecs is the fastest, and Interceptor has good movement ability and is meant for beginners.[4] An N64 controller is also usable as a vehicle, although must be unlocked.[3] An Aero Machine can move up to 186 miles per hour and have its position from the bottom changed, allowing for alternate routes at different ground levels.[4][6] The hovercraft also has a damage meter that increases when it collides with rocks and walls, and each course has a pitstop to re-charge.[6][9] Too much damage results in the race being over.[7] Most Aero Machines have flats for turning tight corners. A button combo is used to activate turbo boosts, which can only be done when getting out of corners.[6]

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